What is Cloud PBX?

Traditionally, a PBX had to be run on-site, meaning that a large amount of hardware, installation and money was needed in order to operate this type of phone system. This type of system could end up costing a business upwards of R50,000 on top of the upkeep and management this system would require.

By using the Cloud, the cost of this phone system has been radically reduced. With a Cloud PBX, you simply choose a provider and they host the phone system for you, virtually. Since the system is completely managed by them, you won’t be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance fees you would be with an On-Site system. Most providers offers access to their Cloud PBX for a monthly fee averaging around R450. We also offer free geographic number porting and hassle-free installation.


Call Rates

We don’t confuse our client’s with “in and out of bundle” pricing or different VoIP call rates for “peak and off-peak” periods. There is no such thing as a free lunch and by the same token there is no such thing as “free calls”. What we do offer is one basic and easy to understand VoIP call rate packages.

On Net
Billed Per Minute
  • 100% Savings

Billed Per Minute
  • 42% Savings

Billed Per Minute
  • 62% Savings

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Billed Per Minute
  • Up to 500% Savings

Our PBX Features

Why Choose a VPBX For Your Business

Hosted PBX

PBX is hosted in our data center which is always online which means your customers will always be able to contact you even if there is no power.

Unlimited Extensions

Have as many users as you like with there own extension number. Start small and grow as your company grows.

Free Number Porting

We will carry costs of up to 2 DID numbers from your current service provider over to Navco.

IVR Menus

If you have different departments you can have an automated voice, routing clients to various departments.

Auto Night Mode

Setup a time condition for clients that phone after hours to either be routed to a voice mail or dedicated after hours staff cell numbers.

Recorded Calls

All calls are recorded, you will be able to login to your UCP (User Control Panel) and be able to playback and download individual calls coming in and going out.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Increase Your Global Footprint for Less

Toll free numbers for 120+ countries and local phone numbers for 2500+ cities worldwide make it easy to project a big-company image, anywhere in the world using business VoIP solutions.

VoIP Communications from Anywhere

It’s your business phone system. That means you control what your customers hear when they call your business, who answers what calls, and when your phone rings to which number.

Build Your Own Call Center on a Budget

You don’t need a big budget to build your own call center. The Smart Queue Contact Center platform gives you the tools you need to manage inbound calls and provide high-quality customer service.

Fantastic service, i’m exited!

Fantastic Service from Navco. Their pricing is reasonable and their solutions are rock solid. don't know why I stuck with TELKOM so long. The changeover process was absolutely seamless. Well done guys, you have a client for life! 


CreativeGigs CEO

Get all the feature rich functionality without the clutter and pain of having an on-site PBX solution.




calls per day


Saved on Bills p/m


Whether you are calling a customer across town or across the world, our hosted PBX solutions will allow you to gain global coverage at a fraction of the cost.

One Vendor

Cloud Communications as a Service means fewer vendors to manage, fewer apps to install and provision, and a single bill for all of your communications services.

Geographic Unlocked

Direct your local or toll free phone numbers to one or multiple locations. Easily create and modify your forwarding rules—anytime, anywhere.